Ebates is an online platform that offers its services as an affiliate to many retail stores giving you discounts or cash back after shopping at the retail stores linked at Ebates.com in return.

Actually the process is not that much complicated. A customer just visits the website(ebates.com) and search for a particular store they want to do shopping at followed by clicking the ‘shop now’ button and do the shopping. Once the purchase is made a certain percentage of that purchase displays in the customer’s account. Lets take as an example, if Ebates offers a 15% cash back or discount for shopping at a liquor store and you buy drinks worth $100, the you automatically get $15 as cash back.

Ebates gets its capital mainly by the affiliate marketing: this business model is where companies or online stores in this case pays a commission for introducing or referring sales. Ebates.com is a affiliate of over 2,000 stores and this acts as quite a large market in which someone visits link at Ebates to the linked retail store and Ebates gets a commission. Ebates in return gives you half of their earned commission via cash back. This makes it a a win-win situation since the company gets its sales, Ebates gets half the commission and you get the other half of the commission.

1. Disable ad blockers on your website since Ebates does not work well with the ad blockers enabled.
2. Visit the website regularly to check out for coupons before checking out.
3. Try as much as possible to complete a purchase within 24 hours after clicking on a link at Ebates.
4.There is an offline cash back feature at Ebates where you can link your credit card to your Ebates account. Once this is done, you can search for a store, click on the ‘link offer’ button and once the offer is tied to the card, the cash back reflects directly to you account.

1. Ebates is free to use and shop.
2. Fast access to a variety of online retail stores.
3. Acts as source of income via cash back by referring customers to Ebates.
4. Retail stores get a large pool to showcase their products and services.
5. Gives you a variety of choices to chose from by comparing products and services from several stores.

1. Apple withdrew its support on cash back at Ebates.
2. It has got issues tracking orders sometimes.
3. If you do not shop online then Ebates is not a good choice for you.