Have you ever wondered why the Google website has never gone down? I also doubt whether you can find a single day in the past ten years where the Google website has experienced downtime. The reason why Google has ensured such reliability despite the huge amounts of traffic that the site gets in a single day simply lies in the magic that is Cloud Hosting! Cloud Hosting is simply the use of several clustered servers for internet hosting services.

In Cloud Hosting each of the several servers performs a specific task and in case one or more servers fail, the other remaining servers will kick in and perform the dysfunctional server’s task temporarily. Cloud hosting is a very reliable alternative to the use of dedicated/shared servers because of:

1. On demand access to additional resources In cloud hosting you can get additional bandwidth very efficiently without having to deal with customer service to help you get assistance in increasing your allocation. You can easily increase the resources at your disposal immediately; this will help you avoid getting your site suspended when it experiences a sudden increase in traffic.

2. Scalability Almost all websites tend to have periods where the number of users tends to be at its highest. This might be only for a short period of time such as when a new product is being downloaded. During this period the resources available to the user tend to be strained. In cloud computing, such a user can increase the resources available albeit temporarily. After the number of users decreases the owner can return back to the previously allocated resources quite easily.

With cloud hosting the need for a dedicated server is eliminated as was the case earlier when your needs overwhelmed your shared hosting environment. Cloud hosting could assist in such instances as most of the time the resources provided for a dedicated server might be too much and tend to be misused. Cloud Hosting is relatively new and tends to be slightly more expensive as opposed to shared/dedicated servers and few web hosts offer this service but with all its advantages it might turn out to be worth the extra dollars.