Smart gadgets are changing the world. The comforts of home are becoming more advanced than they have ever been in the past. Gadgets in our homes control temperature, save energy, provide security, and can answer nearly every question that can be imagined. Possibilities for our society are endless as the advancement of technology is not only permeating work environments, but home environments just the same. A person can now store information within the very walls of their home without having to write or type a word. What types of smart gadgets are worth investing in and which ones are a fleeting trend? That is the question that seems to be asked the most as people spend more and more money on these technologies.

The home robot, seems to be one of the most highly sought out items of this year, and the past few. Also known as a “personal assistant” or “smart speaker”, the premise is that a person can have the device do nearly any task by simply asking it from inside his/her home. Tasks like scheduling appointments and receiving reminders are popular for organizing one’s life, while other tasks like playing music or searching for a good “night out” spot can be done just as easily with the same device.

Other smart gadgets like home security cameras are also becoming more popular. These devices are more advanced this year than in years past and are now easily linked with a smart phone so that a person can seemingly “be home”, even when they are truly not. An owner of one of these devices can do anything from answer the doorbell remotely to record events within their home to view later. These gadgets also come in incredibly small sizes and can easily be camouflaged. Home security has never been quite as good as it is today.

Other smart gadgets are made not only to make life more convenient, but also to conserve energy and be environmentally friendly. Gadgets on the market can enable us to turn off lights and adjust temperature at home from another location. Wi-fi enabled plugs, smart sprinkler systems and smart gadgets that attach to shut off the water for us are all ways to save money and the environment that are now available on the market. Smart gadgets are not only making life easier, but are catapulting our society into a new age and way of living.